WEC subscription for logs

Configure Your WEC subscription on Linux with Energy Event Collector



Generate certificates for secure communication


Easy Windows setup

Setup subscription on Windows to enable Windows Event Forwarding


Run on Linux

Start Energy Event Collector on Linux

Stream Windows Event Logs to:

XML flat files

Syslog server

Great support for:

Energy Logserver
ITRS Log Analytics
Elastic Stack


  • POC License

    00.00 / 2 weeks

  • Let's prove the value
  • Unlimited data sources
  • up to 10 000 EPS per instance
  • 1-day implementation support
  • Single Instance

    399.00 / Mo

  • Efficient & cost effective
  • Unlimited data sources
  • up to 10 000 EPS per instance
  • 1-day Implementation support
  • Product updates
  • Support
  • Documetation

Tell us if you'd like to know more about custom configuration and perpetual license

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    Answer & Question

    EEC can subscribe to WEF Windows Event Forwarding protocol and act as a WEC Windows Event Collector directly from Linux. With subscription EEC receives all or filtered events and passes it to its output.

    EEC is a linux software controlled with a configuration files, certificates for encryption and operating system management scripts.

    Data is sent through syslog so you can send it wherever you want as long as receiver is supporting data input with syslog. Most of the systems support that, like Energy Logserver, Splunk, Elastic Stack, ITRS Log Analytics, Datadog and many others.

    EEC is a standalone software which is easy to integrate with SIEM platforms like Energy Logserver, Splunk, ITRS Log Analytics, ELK Stack. Our documentation covers integrations part for major platforms. Event data can be shipped with syslog or using flat files.

    EEC is licensed per collector instance. No matter of number of sources. No matter of volume. No performance limit. License is generate for individual collector and cannot be migrated from host to host.

    EEC is not limited with performance. We take best from Your hardware. However following Technet documentation for WEC standard single WEC subscription can receive approx. 10k events per second.

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